What is the Thermomix Friend edition? What is it for, price and opinions

What is the Thermomix Friend edition? What is it for, price and opinions

Life is better with a friend and your TM5 and TM6 know it, that’s why today we analyze the Thermomix Friend in detail, to show you what this wonderful device is that synchronizes and replicates what your Thermomix TM5 and 6 do. of doubts we are going to answer questions that you have surely already asked yourself. Know more about mushroom cultivation bags.

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What is the thermomix friend?

The Thermomix Friend Edition is a complement for the Thermomix TM5 and TM6 that allows you to replicate the functionalities of the food processor while it is working and thus obtain twice the food during preparation. In other words, it’s like a second beaker that copies whatever the first beaker is doing by following the recipe, heats up to cook and spins, no more, no less. You might be interested in an outdoor shower with hot and cold water.

Characteristics of the Thermomix Friend Edition

  • Main tank capacity: 2.2 L.
  • Min/max timer: 10 / 2 h.
  • Minimum/maximum temperature: 37 / 120 °C.
  • Temperature increase (in steps): 5 °C.
  • Motor Power: 1200W
  • Built-in scale function: No.
  • Compatible with all Thermomix TM5 and TM6 accessories.

The Thermomix Friend and its price

Determining the price of the Thermomix Friend is really difficult, since unless you buy it second hand (which is a really good option) the only way to get hold of it is to buy it from an official dealer. In this sense, it depends on the offer that exists at all times and the Thermomix commercials, the approximate price at which we can find the Thermomix Friend Edition is: Learn more about outdoor armchairs.

  • Price in Cash Converters: from €300
  • Price without glass: €399.
  • Price with glass: €499.
  • Price with TM6: €1,699

What is it for?

The Thermomix Friend is used to make more quantities of certain recipes without having to have a second Thermomix. In other words, it allows us to cook twice as much food at the same time, which is ideal for cooking for more people without having to prepare the same recipe twice. In this sense, the Thermomix Friend is the ideal solution to increase the capacity of the bowl of the TM5 and TM6 models (2.2 l) from cooking dishes for 4 or 5 people, to cooking even for 10 people depending on the recipe.

How does the Thermomix Friend work?

Being a complement, the Thermomix Friend is not capable of working autonomously, since it has to be connected to a Thermomix to work.

Depending on which Thermomix you have, the Friend will be connected in one way or another. If you have the TM6, it will automatically connect via Bluetooth, sending the cooking programs to the companion robot, automatically starting both devices simultaneously . However, if you have the TM5, you will have to manually choose each cooking program on the Thermomix Friend, which takes away some of the charm.

Once the recipe has been started, we must weigh and measure all the ingredients in the main Thermomix, since the Thermomix Friend does not have an integrated scale and its screen is quite limited. In addition, although the brother robot is capable of mixing and cooking food, its capacity is restricted to 200 rpm and 120º.

Unfortunately, and although Vorwerk will work on improving this, currently the automatic programs of the Thermomix TM6 are not compatible with the Thermomix Friend, which is unable to reproduce them (such as the fermentation, slow cooking and vacuum packing functions).

Can I cook everything with the Thermomix Friend?

No. As we have mentioned before, the Thermomix Friend has some limitations such as the power of its blades and its maximum temperature, which makes it incompatible with some more laborious recipes.

There are currently many recipes compatible with the Thermomix Friend on the Cookidoo platform and the catalog is expected to increase as the months go by. And although it may not seem like much, we can find completely complete menus like these:

  • Brocoli salad. Chicken with tomato sauce and mascarpone. Fruit sorbet.
  • Turbot papillote with vegetables. Ice cream with red fruit sauce.
  • Boeuf bourguignon and lemon cake.
  • Cream of mushroom soup. Stuffed peppers and brown rice in tomato sauce.

In addition to the guided action through the TM5 or TM6, the Thermomix Friend can also be used in manual mode, being able to choose the temperature in a range from 37 ° C to 120 ° C, in steps of 5 ° C, the timer (from 10 s to 2 hrs) and the blade rotation power (on two levels).

Pros and cons of the Thermomix Friend

We have already talked a bit about what the Thermomix Friend is and what it offers as a complement to the TM5 and TM6 models, what its main features are, the price and what it is capable of doing both connected to the main Thermomix and on its own. So the time has come to highlight the good and the bad of this model to decide if it is worth buying or not.

The good:

  • The quality of the materials is really good, like that of a normal Thermomix.
  • Communication between the TM6 and the TM Friend is easy and straightforward.
  • Maintenance and cleaning are really easy.
  • The temperature of the beaker rises rapidly.
  • Temperature control is really reliable.
  • The noise when turning the blades is really low (43-46 dB).

The bad :

  • The Thermomix Friend is not able to work independently of a TM5 or TM6.
  • Its functionalities are limited, since it does not mix, weigh or beat.
  • It is not able to manage the automatic programs of the TM6.

Is it worth buying the Thermomix Friend?

The definitive question: Is the Thermomix Friend made for all users of the brand? The answer will depend on the use that we give to the food processor, since the main function of the Thermomix Friend is to supply the little capacity that the TM5 and TM6 models have had until now.

If you use the Thermomix daily and many times you see that food is missing or that there are recipes that you cannot make because there are too many people at the table, without a doubt the Thermomix Friend will be able to get you out of more than one jam. This is most common when trying to prepare main dishes such as soups, lentils or meats in sauce.

If, on the other hand, you have the Thermomix as a daily support for the kitchen, or simply with the amounts that you normally cook at home is enough for you, the Thermomix Friend may not be worth it (for its original price).

Where can you get the Thermomix Friend?

If you have convinced yourself and want to get the Thermomix Friend to buy it, you have two options:

The first is to get in touch through the Vorwerk website to request a demo and buy it through the commercial in your area at the official (and high) price that the Thermomix Friend has at that time.

The other alternative is to look for the Thermomix Friend in second-hand Cash Converters, where you will find it at a much lower price than if you buy it new and, as we have already mentioned, the quality of the materials is so good that you will not notice the difference compared to to one first hand. Also, helping to reduce the carbon footprint, which is not bad at all. We hope that with this we have solved all your doubts about the Thermomix Friend, what it is, how it is used, its price, the good and the bad, where to find it and finally what is its price. We hope we don’t forget anything! And if we leave something out, or you have more questions about the Thermomix Friend, do not hesitate to vouch for it in the comment box.

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