What is an ebook and what is it for?

What is an ebook and what is it for?

You have heard about electronic books but you do not know what an ebook is and how you can use them to read your favorite books or comics. We explain everything about them, from how they work, to the different formats that you can find and how to buy your favorite books in digital format.

Although it is traditional for books to be written on paper, more and more people are starting to read their favorite books in digital format. And although you could read a book on a computer, a tablet or even a mobile phone, the best way to read digital books is an ebook . And it is that these devices are specifically designed for this task, being able to make you carry more than 100 books in your pocket that you can read for days and days before having to reload the ebook.

Plus, you’ll save a lot of money on books in the long run , especially if you buy second-hand ebooks from Cash Converters. With a two-year warranty and discounts of more than 50% on many models. Are you liking the idea? Do you want to know more about what an ebook is and all its advantages? Keep reading. Learn more about kupujem prodajem crna gora.

What is an ebook?

An ebook or electronic book is an electronic device designed to store and reproduce digitized copies of books and novels on a liquid ink screen. With a size similar to that of a book, they are barely one centimeter wide and their weight does not exceed 200 grams on average, with the capacity to store hundreds of books in its memory.

Although this is not all, when we talk about what an ebook is, we can refer to both the electronic device and the digitized book itself that is stored and reproduced in the ebook. It may sound a bit confusing, but in practice it is not.

What is an ebook for?

The main functionality of ebooks is to store books in digital format (.pdf, .epub, .azw…) and reproduce them on a liquid ink screen. From the most basic to the most modern ebooks, there is a whole range of devices.

There are ebooks with more or less large screens, more or less capacity to store books, there are those that connect to the Internet to download the books directly from the store or there are even those that are not limited to black and white, offering colors in their screens.

Advantages of ebooks

If you are still hesitating between electronic ink and paper, it is because you still do not know all the advantages of ebooks. And let us explain everything that these thin, light and great devices can do for you as a book lover.

  1. They have great battery life: In fact, their battery can last for weeks depending on usage.
  1. They are light, thin and small: If you like to read on public transport or on the street, you will know how cumbersome it can be to carry a book from one place to another. That doesn’t happen with ebooks, and when we explained what an ebook is, we already told you that most weigh less than a mobile.
  1. They can contain hundreds of books : If you lack space at home to keep storing books, the ebook can be the solution to your problems. And it is that in the same ebook you can store hundreds of books at the same time, without taking into account all the ones that you can have on your computer, in the cloud or at your disposal on reading platforms.
  1. EASY TO READ OUTDOORS: Have you ever been sunbathing while trying to read something on your computer or smartphone, but you can’t because the light is reflecting off the screen? Yes, because ebooks don’t have that problem thanks to their liquid ink screens.

Advantages of books in electronic format

You already know what an ebook is and what all its advantages are, but we have only talked about them as a device. And it is that ebooks are used to read digitized books in electronic format which have even more advantages . Do you want to meet them?

  1. You can find any book in digital format: Today, all books that are published on paper are also published in digital format. There are even books that are only published in digital format, so don’t be afraid of not being able to find a specific book in digital format.
  1. E-books save money: With no manufacturing or shipping costs, e-books are cheaper than paperbacks. The average price of an e-book is between €5 and €10, while paperbacks usually cost more than €20.
  1. Ebooks are more sustainable: Did you know that the book printing industry consumes 32 million trees a year? Well, with electronic books we don’t have this problem and they are a much more sustainable alternative to traditional books.
  1. You can buy and download them instantly: Although bookstores have their charm, with an electronic book you won’t have to leave home to buy a book. From the computer, from the phone or even from the ebook itself you can choose from thousands of books, buy the one you like the most and download it directly.
  1. You can change the font size of an electronic book: Depending on the format in which you download your digitized book (most are compatible), you can change the font size when reading. This is especially attractive if you have difficulty seeing or your eyes get tired after reading for too long.

ebook formats

Now that you know the virtues of ebooks and digitized books, it’s time for you to learn about the electronic formats in which you can download your favorite books. Although to keep things simple, we are only going to take a look at the three that are known for their ease of use and their compatibility with all ebooks .

EPUB (.epub)

EPUB is the most widely supported format for ebooks of all brands and can also be read by other types of devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets.

AZW (.azw)

AZW files were developed by Amazon and are limited to Kindles (Amazon’s ebooks). The advantage of this type of format is that they can store complex content, such as bookmarks, annotations, and callouts.

PDF (.pdf)

PDF files are not technically ebooks, but they are the format most people are familiar with. This type of file format keeps your image as it is (as if it were an image) so you will not be able to modify the font size or mark up parts of the text.

Best ebook brands

The last thing you need to know about ebooks are the best brands you can find on the market. as with tablets

  • Kindle: This is Amazon’s official e-book brand and one of the best sellers today. There are from the most modern and complete, to the most basic and cheap, especially the second-hand Amazon ebooks that you can find in Cash Converters.
  • Kobo : This is the second best-selling ebook brand in the market. With great value for money in all its models, you can find second-hand Kobo ebooks with great deals at Cash Converters.
  • PocketBook: This new brand of ebooks has gained popularity in recent years, with new models with many features such as reproducing books or comics in full color. Do not hesitate to look for some of the second-hand PocketBook Ebooks in Cash Converters to buy them at the best price.

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