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James Harden’s impact on the NBA is nothing short of extraordinary. From his signature beard to his dazzling performance on the court, he has become one of the most recognizable figures in the game. But what high school did James Harden go to? This article delves into the early life and educational background of this basketball icon.

James Harden’s High School Journey

Artesia High School: Where it All Began

James Harden attended Artesia High School in Lakewood, California. It was here that Harden’s basketball prowess first began to take shape.

An Emerging Talent

Under the guidance of his coaches, Harden’s skills flourished at Artesia. His high school achievements are further detailed on his Wikipedia page.

Life at Artesia High School

Excelling on the Court

With multiple state championships, Harden was more than just a standout player at Artesia. Visit the school’s official athletic page to learn more about his accomplishments.

Academic Pursuits

Beyond the court, Harden was also committed to his academics, preparing for life beyond basketball.

Transition to College and Professional Career

College Career at Arizona State

After high school, James Harden chose to play college basketball at Arizona State University, where he continued to make a name for himself.

Drafted into the NBA

Harden’s remarkable performance at Arizona State led to his selection in the NBA draft.


The query “What high school did James Harden go to?” leads us to Artesia High School, a place that played a critical role in shaping his future in basketball. His journey from high school to the NBA is an inspiring story for aspiring athletes everywhere.


What high school did James Harden go to?

He attended Artesia High School in Lakewood, California.

Where did James Harden play college basketball?

He played college basketball at Arizona State University.

What NBA team does James Harden play for?

As of writing, he plays for the Brooklyn Nets.

What were James Harden’s high school achievements?

Detailed achievements can be found on his Wikipedia page.

What position does James Harden play?

He plays as a guard.

Who were James Harden’s coaches in high school?

Information about his high school coaches can be found on Artesia High School’s athletic website.

Has James Harden won any NBA awards?

His awards and accolades are listed on various sports websites.

Where can I buy James Harden merchandise?

Official merchandise can be found on the NBA Store.

What are some highlight plays by James Harden?

Highlights can be viewed on sports websites and YouTube channels.

Where can I follow James Harden on social media?

James Harden is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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