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Jalen Ramsey is a name synonymous with excellence in professional football. His journey to the top began with his high school days. But “What high school did Jalen Ramsey go to?” Let’s delve into his early years, focusing on his education and athletic achievements.

Jalen Ramsey’s High School Years

Brentwood Academy: The Launchpad for Success

Jalen Ramsey attended Brentwood Academy in Brentwood, Tennessee. This prestigious institution provided him with both academic rigor and athletic opportunities.

Unveiling a Sporting Prodigy

Jalen’s athleticism shone through during his time at Brentwood Academy. For a detailed look at his high school stats, visit his Wikipedia page.

Life at Brentwood Academy

Multi-Sport Athlete

Not only did Jalen excel in football, but he also participated in track and field. His versatility is explored in this profile.

Academic Pursuits

Brentwood Academy’s strong educational foundation helped Jalen in achieving a well-rounded development.

Journey from High School to College and NFL

College Career at Florida State University

After Brentwood, Jalen went on to play college football at Florida State University, where he became a star in his own right.

Becoming an NFL Star

Jalen’s subsequent entry into the NFL has seen him become one of the league’s top players.


The question, “What high school did Jalen Ramsey go to?” leads us to Brentwood Academy. This institution played a crucial role in shaping Jalen’s success, both in academics and on the field.


What high school did Jalen Ramsey go to?

Jalen Ramsey went to Brentwood Academy in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Where did Jalen Ramsey play college football?

He played college football at Florida State University.

What NFL team does Jalen Ramsey play for?

He plays for the Los Angeles Rams.

What were Jalen Ramsey’s high school achievements?

Detailed achievements can be found on his Wikipedia page.

What position does Jalen Ramsey play?

He plays as a cornerback.

Who were Jalen Ramsey’s coaches in high school?

Detailed information about his coaching can be found on Brentwood Academy’s website.

Has Jalen Ramsey won any NFL awards?

He has won several awards including Pro Bowl selections.

Where can I buy Jalen Ramsey merchandise?

Official merchandise can be found on the NFL Shop.

What are some highlight plays by Jalen Ramsey?

Highlights can be found on various sports websites and YouTube channels.

Where can I follow Jalen Ramsey on social media?

Jalen Ramsey is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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