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Jalen Hurts, a name well-known among football fans, has been an inspiration to many aspiring athletes. But “What high school did Jalen Hurts go to?” This question leads us into the background of his athletic and academic achievements. In this article, we’ll explore Jalen’s high school experience and its influence on his career.

Jalen Hurts’ High School Education

Channelview High School: Where It All Began

Jalen Hurts attended Channelview High School in Channelview, Texas. You can learn more about the school on their official website.

Rising Star: Early Achievements in Football

At Channelview, Jalen began to excel as a quarterback. His remarkable performances during high school laid the groundwork for his future successes. You can explore his early achievements on his Wikipedia page.

How High School Shaped Hurts’ Career

Developing Skills and Leadership

Under his high school coaches, Jalen’s skills and leadership qualities blossomed. The time at Channelview provided a platform for him to grow as a player.

Academic Focus

Jalen’s commitment to his studies was equally important, and his academic pursuits played a crucial role in his overall development.

Journey from High School to College and NFL

College Success at Alabama and Oklahoma

After graduating from Channelview, Jalen played college football at University of Alabama and later at University of Oklahoma, making waves in both institutions.

A Rising NFL Star

Drafted into the NFL, Jalen Hurts’ determination and hard work have translated into a promising professional career.


The inquiry into “What high school did Jalen Hurts go to?” uncovers the vital role that Channelview High School played in his football career. His high school years were instrumental in shaping his path towards college and the NFL.


What high school did Jalen Hurts go to?

Jalen Hurts went to Channelview High School in Channelview, Texas.

Where did Jalen Hurts play college football?

He played for the University of Alabama and the University of Oklahoma.

What NFL team does Jalen Hurts play for?

He plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

What were Jalen Hurts’ high school stats?

Detailed stats can be found here.

Has Jalen Hurts won any NFL awards?

He has received several recognitions, including Rookie of the Week awards.

Where can I buy Jalen Hurts merchandise?

Official merchandise can be found on the NFL Shop.

What position does Jalen Hurts play?

He plays as a quarterback.

Who were Jalen Hurts’ coaches in high school?

His father, Averion Hurts, was one of his coaches.

What are some highlight plays by Jalen Hurts?

Highlights can be found on various sports websites and YouTube channels.

Where can I follow Jalen Hurts on social media?

Jalen Hurts is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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