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Ice Cube is a name synonymous with rap and hip-hop. Fans often wonder, “what high school did Ice Cube go to?” and how his educational journey shaped his artistic endeavors. This article delves into Ice Cube’s high school years, shedding light on his education and subsequent rise to fame.

Ice Cube’s High School Years

The School: William Howard Taft Charter High School

Ice Cube attended William Howard Taft Charter High School in Woodland Hills, California. This public high school has an established reputation for its diverse programs. Learn more about Taft Charter High School on its official website.

Early Interests and Pursuits at Taft High School

Architectural Studies

Surprisingly, Ice Cube developed an interest in architectural drafting during his high school years. His passion for architectural design and creativity is said to have influenced his musical career.

Musical Beginnings

During his time at Taft, Ice Cube started writing raps in the school’s keyboard room. You can read more about Ice Cube’s musical journey on his Wikipedia page.

Ice Cube’s Transition from High School to a Rap Icon

Joining N.W.A.

Soon after leaving high school, Ice Cube joined the legendary rap group N.W.A. This was a critical milestone in his career, leading to a path that made him one of the most influential figures in hip-hop.

Success and Influence

Ice Cube’s success goes beyond music. He’s an accomplished actor, filmmaker, and entrepreneur, with roots traced back to his high school education.


In answering the question, “what high school did Ice Cube go to?” we’ve unearthed the fascinating connection between his high school education and his multifaceted career. William Howard Taft Charter High School served as the launchpad for a young artist who would go on to influence an entire generation.


What high school did Ice Cube go to?

Ice Cube went to William Howard Taft Charter High School.

When did Ice Cube start his music career?

Ice Cube began his music career during his high school years.

Has Ice Cube worked in other fields besides music?

Yes, Ice Cube has acted in movies, directed films, and has been involved in various entrepreneurial endeavors.

Where can I find more information about Ice Cube’s movies?

Ice Cube’s filmography can be found on his IMDb page.

What are some of Ice Cube’s hit songs?

Some of his hits include “It Was a Good Day,” “Check Yo Self,” and “You Can Do It.”

Is Ice Cube still active in music?

Yes, Ice Cube continues to perform, record, and produce music.

Has Ice Cube received any awards?

Ice Cube has received several awards and nominations throughout his career.

What are Ice Cube’s contributions to the film industry?

He has acted in, produced, and directed numerous films, contributing to both Hollywood and the independent film industry.

Where can I listen to Ice Cube’s music?

His music is available on various streaming platforms and music stores.

What was Ice Cube’s major in high school?

Ice Cube studied architectural drafting during his high school years.

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