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Derrick Rose, the professional basketball player known for his incredible skills and numerous accolades, had his roots in a high school that played a critical role in shaping his career. But what high school did Derrick Rose go to? We’re here to uncover the answer.

The High School Journey of Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose attended Simeon Career Academy, a high school located in Chicago, Illinois. His time at Simeon was instrumental in his growth as an athlete.

Derrick’s Time at Simeon Career Academy

A Flourishing Basketball Career

At Simeon Career Academy, Rose’s basketball talent quickly became apparent. Under the guidance of his coaches, he developed the skills that would later define his professional career. You can read more about his time at Simeon on Wikipedia.

Academic Pursuits

Apart from sports, Derrick also focused on his studies. The blend of academics and athletics provided him with a balanced high school experience.

Derrick Rose’s Impact on Simeon Career Academy

An Inspiring Legacy

Rose’s time at Simeon Career Academy left a lasting impact, inspiring future generations of athletes. His achievements still resonate with students and faculty alike.


Now, we have the answer to the question, “what high school did Derrick Rose go to?” Simeon Career Academy played a pivotal role in his development, both on the basketball court and in the classroom. His high school years were foundational in molding the star we know today.


  1. What high school did Derrick Rose go to?

Derrick Rose went to Simeon Career Academy in Chicago, Illinois.

  1. Did Derrick Rose play basketball in high school?

Yes, Derrick Rose played basketball at Simeon Career Academy, where he built the foundation of his professional career.

  1. What has Derrick Rose achieved in his professional career?

Derrick Rose has achieved many accolades, including an NBA MVP award. His full career details can be found on the official NBA website.

  1. Where is Simeon Career Academy located?

Simeon Career Academy is located in Chicago, Illinois. You can visit their official website for more information.

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