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Damian Lillard, an acclaimed NBA star playing for the Portland Trail Blazers, is known for his impressive skills on the court. But where did his journey begin? Dive into the question, “What high school did Damian Lillard go to?” and uncover the roots of his successful career.

Damian Lillard’s High School Education

Oakland High School

Lillard attended Oakland High School in Oakland, California, where his basketball talents began to shine.

Transferring to St. Joseph Notre Dame

After his freshman year at Oakland High School, Damian transferred to St. Joseph Notre Dame High School, a private school known for its strong basketball program.

A Final Move to Arroyo High School

In a surprising twist, Damian made a final move to Arroyo High School in San Lorenzo, California, for his senior year. Learn more about Damian’s basketball career on his Wikipedia page.

Lillard’s Impact on Basketball

Damian’s high school career was filled with transitions that shaped him as a player. His experiences in various schools played a crucial role in his development as one of the NBA’s elite players.


The answer to “What high school did Damian Lillard go to?” is multifaceted. From Oakland High School to St. Joseph Notre Dame and finally Arroyo High School, Lillard’s high school journey was dynamic and instrumental in molding him into the player we admire today.


Q1: What high school did Damian Lillard go to?

A1: Damian Lillard attended Oakland High School, then transferred to St. Joseph Notre Dame High School, and finally to Arroyo High School for his senior year.

Q2: How did Damian’s high school career impact his basketball journey?

A2: Damian’s high school experience shaped his playing style and helped him develop skills that led to his success in college and the NBA.

Q3: Where can I find more detailed information about Damian Lillard’s career?

A3: You can explore Damian Lillard’s complete career details on his Wikipedia page.

Q4: What other notable athletes have graduated from these schools?

A4: Detailed information on other athletes from these schools can be found on their respective official websites: Oakland High School, St. Joseph Notre Dame High School, and Arroyo High School.