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Ben Simmons, an NBA sensation, has an educational background that contributed significantly to his basketball career. But what high school did Ben Simmons go to? In this article, we’ll explore his high school years and their influence on his professional life.

Early Life and Education: What High School Did Ben Simmons Go To?

Ben Simmons was born on July 20, 1996, in Melbourne, Australia. He attended Box Hill Senior Secondary College in his home country before moving to the United States. In the U.S., he joined Montverde Academy in Florida.

Box Hill Senior Secondary College: The Australian Beginnings

Simmons’s early years at Box Hill laid the groundwork for his basketball career. The institution’s basketball program helped him hone his skills.

Montverde Academy: The Road to Excellence

At Montverde, Simmons further refined his game under the guidance of experienced coaches. The school’s rich history in basketball and more details about Simmons’s time there can be found on Simmons’s Wikipedia page.

College and Professional Journey

After high school, Simmons attended Louisiana State University (LSU), where he continued to shine. He was subsequently drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers, marking the beginning of an impressive professional career.


Knowing what high school Ben Simmons went to provides a glimpse into his developmental years. Both Box Hill and Montverde played vital roles in shaping the talented player he has become.


What high school did Ben Simmons go to?

Ben Simmons attended Box Hill Senior Secondary College in Australia and Montverde Academy in Florida, USA.

What were Ben Simmons’s notable achievements in high school?

He won several awards and recognitions, including being named the MVP at various tournaments.

Where did Simmons continue his education after high school?

He joined Louisiana State University (LSU) for his college education.

How did Simmons’s high school education influence his basketball career?

His high school years were instrumental in developing his skills, setting the stage for his success in college and the NBA.

Where can I find more information about Ben Simmons’s life and career?

For further details, you can visit his Wikipedia page or follow him on official social media platforms.