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What High School Did Bang Chan Go To? Unveiling the Education Path of Stray Kids’ Leader

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan is a global phenomenon, known for his immense talent and dynamic leadership. But, where did it all start for him? To comprehend this, we delve into the question, “What high school did Bang Chan go to?” and trace his educational journey.

The Early Learning Years: Bang Chan’s High School Days

Born in Sydney, Australia, Bang Chan (real name: Christopher Bang), attended Cheongdam High School in Seoul, South Korea after moving there to pursue his passion for music.

Cheongdam High School: Shaping Bang Chan’s Future

Cheongdam High School, known for nurturing many K-pop idols, played a pivotal role in Bang Chan’s musical journey. The school’s strong arts program laid the foundation for his career, providing him with the right platform to grow as a performer.

Bang Chan: From High School Student to K-pop Leader

The training and experiences at Cheongdam High School prepared Bang Chan for the demanding world of K-pop. His growth and development during these years eventually led him to join JYP Entertainment and become the leader of the hit group Stray Kids.


  1. What high school did Bang Chan go to?

    Bang Chan attended Cheongdam High School in Seoul, South Korea.

  2. How did Cheongdam High School contribute to Bang Chan’s music career?

    Cheongdam High School’s robust arts program provided the training and foundation for Bang Chan’s future in music, enabling him to develop as a performer.

  3. Where is Bang Chan originally from?

    Bang Chan was born in Sydney, Australia.

As we explore the educational journey of Bang Chan, it becomes clear that his high school years at Cheongdam High School were pivotal in his path to becoming a K-pop sensation. This exploration emphasizes the importance of a strong foundation in the early years of an artist’s career.

For more about Bang Chan’s music career and Stray Kids, visit the official JYP Entertainment website. To learn more about Cheongdam High School, you can refer to its Wikipedia page. For a comprehensive biography of Bang Chan, you can also visit his Wikipedia page.

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