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Reality Star Austen Kroll: The High School Years at Saint Andrew’s School

One of the most interesting queries fans have about reality TV star Austen Kroll is: What high school did Austen Kroll go to? Kroll, who rose to fame on the hit show “Southern Charm,” spent his high school years at Saint Andrew’s School, a private, co-educational college-preparatory school in Boca Raton, Florida. Let’s explore these early years of Kroll’s life.

Saint Andrew’s School: The Formative Years of Austen Kroll

Saint Andrew’s School was where Austen Kroll spent his high school years. Known for its strong focus on academics and athletics, this was where Kroll began to shape his future.

Austen Kroll: A Southern Charm Star’s Journey from Florida

Kroll’s journey from a high school student at Saint Andrew’s School to a reality TV star on “Southern Charm” has intrigued many of his fans. His formative years in Florida played a significant role in shaping his personality and career path.

The Impact of Saint Andrew’s School on Kroll’s Life

Austen Kroll’s high school years were influential in molding the charismatic personality we see on screen. The experiences and lessons he gained at Saint Andrew’s School still resonate in his life and career.


  1. What high school did Austen Kroll go to?

    Austen Kroll attended Saint Andrew’s School in Boca Raton, Florida.

  2. What is Saint Andrew’s School known for?

    Saint Andrew’s School is known for its strong focus on academics and athletics.

  3. How did high school impact Austen Kroll’s career?

    The experiences and lessons Kroll gained during his high school years at Saint Andrew’s School significantly influenced his personality and career path.

Austen Kroll’s story is a fascinating journey from the classrooms of Saint Andrew’s School to the glamorous sets of “Southern Charm.” His high school days were an essential part of this journey and provide a unique insight into the early life of this charismatic reality star.

To learn more about Austen Kroll’s life and career, check out his official IMDb page. For more information about Saint Andrew’s School, you can visit their official website. For more about various celebrities and their life stories, visit Wikipedia.

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