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Baseball enthusiasts might have heard the rising name, Anthony Volpe. His journey from high school diamond to professional baseball fields is truly inspirational. But what high school did Anthony Volpe go to? Let’s take a look at his early days at Delbarton School and how they’ve shaped his career.

Delbarton School: The Birthplace of Volpe’s Baseball Career

Delbarton School, a private all-boys Roman Catholic college-preparatory school in Morristown, New Jersey, is where Anthony Volpe honed his baseball skills. The school’s vibrant athletics program provided the perfect nurturing ground for Volpe’s baseball career.

Crafting a Name in High School Baseball

During his time at Delbarton, Volpe proved to be an asset for the school’s baseball team. His performances were marked by his skills, intelligence, and exceptional leadership, factors that helped cement his place as a top-tier high school player.

From Delbarton to Professional Baseball

Post high school, Volpe was drafted by the New York Yankees, stepping into the professional world of baseball. His experiences and learnings at Delbarton School were instrumental in equipping him for the challenges ahead.


  1. What high school did Anthony Volpe go to?

    Anthony Volpe attended Delbarton School in Morristown, New Jersey.

  2. Did Anthony Volpe play baseball in high school?

    Yes, Anthony Volpe was an important part of the baseball team during his time at Delbarton School.

  3. Where did Anthony Volpe go after high school?

    After high school, Anthony Volpe was drafted by the New York Yankees, marking the beginning of his professional baseball career.

Anthony Volpe’s journey from Delbarton School to professional baseball speaks volumes about the power of a strong educational and athletic foundation. As he continues to rise in his professional career, the role of Delbarton School in shaping his journey can’t be overlooked.

For more information on Anthony Volpe’s career, visit the MLB’s official website. To learn more about Delbarton School, check out their official website. For a comprehensive understanding of professional baseball and its players, visit Wikipedia.

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