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Angel Reese: Early Steps to Basketball Stardom

For those closely following women’s basketball, Angel Reese’s name resonates as one of the sport’s young luminaries. But where did this budding star take her first shots? If the question, “What high school did Angel Reese go to?” has ever crossed your mind, we have the answer right here.

St. Frances Academy: The Launchpad for Angel Reese

Angel Reese carved her niche and honed her impeccable skills at St. Frances Academy in Baltimore, Maryland. Known for its robust athletic program, the school provided Angel with the perfect platform to showcase her talent and emerge as a sought-after college prospect.

Angel’s Rise: Beyond High School

After St. Frances, Angel continued to cement her reputation as a formidable basketball player, attracting attention from college scouts and basketball enthusiasts alike.


1. Who is Angel Reese?

  • Angel Reese is a prodigious talent in women’s basketball, known for her exemplary skills on the court and her promising future in the sport.

2. Was Angel Reese recognized for her talent during her high school years?

  • Absolutely! Angel’s exceptional performance at St. Frances Academy made her one of the most sought-after prospects for college basketball.

3. Where can I get detailed insights about Angel Reese’s basketball career?

  • Angel Reese’s basketball trajectory, achievements, and current news can be comprehensively explored on her Wikipedia page.

4. What made St. Frances Academy the right choice for Angel Reese?

  • St. Frances Academy’s reputed athletic program, coupled with its nurturing environment, made it a conducive place for Angel to develop and display her basketball prowess.

5. Which college did Angel Reese choose after her high school graduation?

  • After her time at St. Frances Academy, Angel Reese went on to play college basketball, continuing her journey of excellence in the sport.

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