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Andy Reid: From High School Gridiron to NFL Sidelines

There are many stories about where great NFL legends began their journey, and Andy Reid’s is no different. If you’ve ever wondered, “What high school did Andy Reid go to?”, join us as we traverse through his educational and early football experiences.

John Marshall High School: Andy Reid’s Foundation

Andy Reid, celebrated for his coaching mastery in the NFL, honed his early skills at John Marshall High School in Los Angeles. His time at this institution was not just about academics; it was the budding stage of a passion that would lead him to NFL acclaim.

Beyond John Marshall: The Growth of a Coaching Maestro

Following his time at John Marshall, Reid pursued higher education and football at Brigham Young University (BYU), further establishing his foundational knowledge of the game.


1. Who is Andy Reid?

  • Andy Reid is a renowned NFL coach, recognized predominantly for his time with the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs.

2. Did Andy Reid play any sports during his high school years?

  • Yes, Reid was actively involved in football during his time at John Marshall, which set the stage for his future in the sport.

3. Where can I find detailed information about Andy Reid’s career?

  • A comprehensive overview of Reid’s illustrious career can be found on his Wikipedia page, which chronicles his journey from player to coach.

4. How did Reid’s experiences in high school shape his NFL coaching career?

  • While specific events at John Marshall might not be widely publicized, it’s clear that Reid’s high school years instilled in him a love for football and a foundation upon which he built his coaching career.

5. Where did Andy Reid attend college after high school?

  • After John Marshall High School, Andy Reid went on to attend Brigham Young University, further immersing himself in the world of football.

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