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Amari Cooper, a prominent NFL wide receiver, has always been in the limelight for his exceptional skills on the field. But what high school did Amari Cooper go to? In this post, we will explore his high school years, achievements, and how they contributed to his professional success.

Early Life and Education: What High School Did Amari Cooper Go To?

Amari Cooper was born on June 17, 1994, in Miami, Florida. He attended Miami Northwestern Senior High School in his hometown.

Academic Focus

During his time at Northwestern, Cooper excelled in his studies and participated in various extracurricular activities, reflecting his well-rounded personality.

Athletic Achievements

Cooper’s athletic prowess was evident from his high school days. He played as a wide receiver and earned several accolades. More details on his high school achievements can be found on Cooper’s Wikipedia page.

College Career

After graduating from high school, Cooper attended the University of Alabama, where he continued to shine on the football field, setting several records.

Professional Journey

Cooper’s remarkable talents led him to a successful NFL career. He was drafted by the Oakland Raiders and has since become one of the league’s most respected wide receivers.


Understanding what high school Amari Cooper went to offers a glimpse into his early life and how it shaped his path to professional football. His journey from Miami Northwestern Senior High School to the NFL demonstrates his exceptional talent and determination.


What high school did Amari Cooper go to?

Amari Cooper attended Miami Northwestern Senior High School.

What college did Amari Cooper choose for further education?

He chose the University of Alabama for his college education.

What were Amari Cooper’s notable achievements in high school?

Cooper excelled as a wide receiver in high school, earning various honors and accolades.

Where can I find more detailed information about Amari Cooper’s early years?

You can explore his Wikipedia page or Miami Northwestern Senior High School’s official website for more information.