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Aaron Gordon: From High School Hoops to NBA Stardom

Before lighting up NBA courts with his incredible dunks and plays, Aaron Gordon was making waves in a high school basketball gymnasium. For those curious about the origins of this basketball sensation, the question often arises: What high school did Aaron Gordon go to?

Aaron Gordon’s High School Odyssey

Aaron Gordon attended Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose, California. This prestigious institution is renowned for its academic and athletic prowess, providing the ideal environment for budding talents like Gordon.

Crafting Athletic Mastery

During his time at Archbishop Mitty, Aaron Gordon not only showcased his raw talent but also his dedication to the game. With a myriad of awards and honors to his name, he solidified his reputation as a top prospect for the future. Those interested in a comprehensive overview of his career can find more details on Wikipedia.

A Legacy Beyond The Court

Beyond his exceptional skills, Gordon’s tenure at Archbishop Mitty is a testament to the importance of discipline, hard work, and commitment. His journey from high school to the NBA is an inspirational tale for young athletes and fans alike.


1. Where was Aaron Gordon born?

  • Aaron Gordon was born in San Jose, California.

2. Did Aaron Gordon receive any awards during his high school career?

  • Absolutely. During his time at Archbishop Mitty, Gordon earned numerous accolades, showcasing his dominance on the basketball court.

3. Which college did Aaron Gordon join post his high school graduation?

  • After his illustrious high school career, Aaron Gordon went on to play basketball for the University of Arizona.

4. Are there other notable alumni from Archbishop Mitty High School?

  • Yes, Archbishop Mitty has produced several other talents in various fields, both in sports and academics.

5. What are some of Aaron Gordon’s achievements in the NBA?

  • Aaron Gordon has had several notable moments in the NBA, including memorable performances in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest and significant contributions to the teams he’s played for.

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