Upgrade Apple MacMini SSD Read More | Mac Book Mini SSD

Upgrade Apple MacMini SSD Read More | Mac Book Mini SSD

Apple MacMini A1347 SSD mount

In this article, we will see how to perform an Apple MacMini SSD (solid disk state) Upgrade on Apple MacMini; until a few years ago, in older models, it was possible to upgrade the RAM without invalidating the warranty or mounting a second hard drive to increase the total storage capacity or, as in our case, mount a solid-state drive (SSD). Arey our looking for a laptop repair store near me in United States?

On this model, it is possible to upgrade your MacMini.

This intervention is not easy to carry out but with due patience, accuracy and the right tools, it can be done.

Needed: Torx Security Key T6 / T8 + Tools logic board extraction

If you want to clone a hard drive to SSD, we send you to read this Guide:

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Apple MacMini A1347

Upgrade Mac Mini 2014/ 2015


Mechanical disk replacement with SSD (Solid State disk)

Let’s start opening this Apple Mac Mini A1347.

The installation seems simple, but in reality, the opening of this machine hides some pitfalls, the connectors are exceptionally delicate, and the device itself is very compact. First, remove the round black cover; underneath are the Torx Security screws. A huge number of people searches for laptop screen repair near me in USA.

Now let’s remove the cover where one of the three wireless antennas is placed.

The screws as mentioned above, if you have read above, in this model are TORX Security type.

Removed the three screws now, we lift the aluminium grill sideways, paying attention to the antenna cable of our airport.

To free the antenna cable, we removed the screw that holds the line near the airport card (wireless).

Showing particular attention and delicacy, we remove all the flats on the logic board, the fan and the screw under the fan. As mentioned before, eliminating the apartments with particular attention is essential.

To extract the logic board, we need a unique tool that allows us to make the correct movement.

Once the logic board has been extracted, we have to disassemble the power supply unit and then access the compartment that contains the mechanical hardisk that we will replace with the solid-state one to increase the performance of the MacMini.

The power supply unit has a plastic stop that blocks it on the aluminium body; let’s remove it to extract it.

To extract the hard disk compartment, remove the two internal screws; now, we remove the mechanical hard drive from the plastic support to house the SSD solid-state drive.

Let’s start reassembling everything by following the process in reverse!

The solution involves upgrading the Mac mini by replacing the mechanical hard drive with a solid-state drive.

Finished the “hardware” operations. If you have not performed the clone of your hard disk to appreciate the performance of the new solid-state disk, we will have to install the APPLE OS X operating system on the SSD.

There are many ways to do this. We recommend performing a clean installation through a previously created installation media such as a USB key or DVD; once the listed supports have been prepared, all we have to do is start the Mac by holding down the alt ? key.

In this way, at startup, we can select the disk from which to start the system. Having arrived at the choice of supports, we choose the key we have prepared. Don’t worry if, at this point, the installed SSD is still not visible; follow this Guide to initialize the hard drive.

How to initialize hard drive on apple.

Follow the installation wizard once the SSD solid state drive has been initialized. Your MacMini will be reborn!

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