The first ultrasound of pregnancy: that emotional moment

The first ultrasound of pregnancy: that emotional moment

No, their eyes are not seeing double: the test has come back positive, they will soon become parents! Now begins a series of preparations and changes in your life, but you must not forget the most important thing and one of the first things you must do as soon as you know that there is a pregnancy: schedule an appointment with the gynecologist.

And then, finally, the first of many unique and special moments arrives , because although they already know that a baby is on the way, now they will be able to see it with their own eyes. Today I tell you about the first ultrasound in pregnancy, that emotional moment when you see your baby .

A baby is on the way!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, the thrill of knowing that a little boy or girl will soon come to totally change their lives is something that always fills us with emotion, joy and yes, also a little (or quite a bit) of nerves . Soon you will stop being just you, to start being someone’s parents.

And now? Well, the first thing you should do after discovering that you are expecting a baby is to call to make an appointment with the gynecologist (or if you still do not have one, it is the right time to look for recommendations that will help us find the right one ) and start as soon as possible with all the care and recommendations that must be followed during a pregnancy.

The first visit to the gynecologist

The first appointment with the gynecologist usually takes place between weeks 6 and 9 of pregnancy , taking into account the date of the last menstrual period, and during it, the gynecologist will assess the family history and the history of both parents, as well as any important data or relevant to the proper development of the pregnancy and to prepare the clinical history.

In this first appointment, the ultrasound performed in most cases is transvaginal , to confirm the presence of the amniotic sac and, if detected, the fetal heartbeat. Although this ultrasound is important and is the first one that is usually carried out in pregnancy controls to confirm that everything is as it should, there is an even more special one.

Your baby’s first ultrasound appointment

The day has come. Finally today they will attend the next pregnancy control and will do the first ultrasound in which they will be able to see their baby for the first time . This first look at your little one is usually done during the 12th week , that is, towards the end of the third month of pregnancy, the last of the first trimester.

As in the first appointment, you arrive with the gynecologist and he will ask you some questions about how the mother has felt, the symptoms she has had and also, you will have the opportunity to discuss your doubts and concerns about the pregnancy and development your baby for the next few weeks. After that conversation (which will surely seem eternal when you know what follows), it will be time to do the first ultrasound .

They will take you to the area where they have the device to do the ultrasound. The mother will lie down and expose her belly, where they will apply a little gel and later, with a small instrument, they will begin to look for the best image of her baby , which can be seen in real time on a black and white screen.

And then, they will see him for the first time. And you will feel all kinds of emotions flooding your heart and your pregnancy will feel even more real . They will be amazed at the wonder that is taking place before their very eyes, and that very soon, they will be able to hold in their arms.

It may be a little difficult at first to distinguish it, but with the help of the medical staff you will be able to see that your child (or children!) already has their arms, legs and head formed . If your baby is awake and active, you may even see him moving around , kicking his legs and shaking his arms and head. Check out more interesting articles on our site.

to continue enjoying the pregnancy

In addition to the fact that they have already been able to see what their baby looks like in the first ultrasound , now they will also be able to begin to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy better, since in most cases, the terrible discomforts of the first trimester are disappearing. And if they have not yet given the news of the pregnancy, they can even do so based on the ultrasound of their baby .

Remember that a pregnancy is something unique and special that each couple and woman experiences differently , so focus on yours without falling into comparisons and enjoy the next two trimesters before the arrival of your baby.

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