The best small cars on the market ? 5 min read |

The best small cars on the market ? 5 min read |

Are you thinking of buying a new car and don’t know which one to decide on? It is possible that you have something very clear: its size, as compact as possible to be able to move comfortably around the city and be able to park without problems. If this is your case, pay attention to this list of the best small cars on the market.

If you are thinking of buying a car and you are one of those who drive around the city a lot, do not have a large parking space and park here and there, your best option is a small car. You will not fail. You may have doubts about which model is the most suitable for you and your needs. Don’t worry, we help you decide. Know more about VW Volkswagen golf ne shitje.

best small cars

This type of car, which is above micro cars, belongs to segment A  as they have  enough space for four adults  to travel comfortably inside. Some of these vehicles are even classified within segment B, which are characterized by measuring a minimum of four meters (in A they do not exceed 3.70 in length).

kia picanto

It has a great interior and exterior design . It has a fairly spacious cabin, good quality finishes and interesting equipment in terms of technology thanks to its connection system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto through its 8-inch screen.

Its trunk has a capacity of 255 liters and spacious rear seats despite its small external dimensions ( 3.6 meters long ). As for the engines, it has two gasoline options: one with 67 horsepower and the other with 101 horsepower.

fiat panda

It is a small car with a very reasonable price , perfect for all pockets. With its 3.6 meters long, it has a fairly large interior space. It has a 225-litre boot and two rear seats for the occupants to travel comfortably. It is equipped with a 7-inch multimedia screen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

It is available in different versions, the normal and the sports one with front-wheel drive and the Cross that incorporates a connectable 4×4 system . You can find it with a 70-horsepower 1.0 light hybrid engine and an 85-horsepower 0.9 TwinAir engine. Its consumption is adjusted and it has an ECO label .

hyundai i10

Its size is 3.68 meters long , with great habitability and good technology and equipment options within the segment. Although it is designed for city driving, it behaves well on the road and has a 252-litre boot, something that will be of great help for your weekend trips.

You can find it with a range of 67.84 and 101 horsepower engines and the possibility of selecting automatic or manual gearbox. It is a model with adjusted consumption and has an environmental C label.

Citroen C1

It has a C label from the DGT , something that you should take into account when purchasing it. Its size is 3.47 meters long and it is equipped with a 196 liter capacity trunk . As for its interior, we find quite fair seats, so if you travel accompanied, it can be a bit uncomfortable.

You can find it with a 72-horsepower gasoline engine and manual gearbox that help it achieve good performance with very low fuel consumption . It has few configuration options, but it has good standard equipment and a 5-door body.

fiat 500

It is one of the most popular of all time within the segment. The new model has a technology called mild hybrid that makes it have an ECO label from the DGT. Its dimensions are 3.57 meters long , with a fairly small interior compartment for 4 occupants.

It is a car with an attractive design both inside and outside and has a 185 liter capacity boot . Among its advantages, it stands out that you can get it with a convertible body and it can be configured in a sports version.

Renault Twingo

It is one of the quintessential small cars. It has two versions, one with an electric motor and another gasoline with a 0.9 TCe engine from Renault , capable of achieving 92 CV of power. You can buy it with both manual and automatic transmission. Another of its most noteworthy features is that it has rear-wheel drive and the engine is also located in this area.

For its part, the fully electric version has a very interesting autonomy for urban journeys. Its motor allows you to travel up to 187 kilometers on a single charge.

Its length is 3.6 meters long and it has a 188 -liter capacity trunk. Its interior space is quite small, but in return it has great maneuverability due to the placement of its engine.

toyota aygo

It is one of the most interesting small cars on the market. Its dimensions are 3.47 meters long , making it ideal for driving and parking in the city. Due to its small dimensions, everything in it is reduced: its trunk only has a capacity of 168 liters. But in its favor, it can be noted that it is available with a 5-door body.

It is available with just a 72-horsepower gasoline engine option . In return you can select the type of change since you can buy it with automatic or manual transmission.

peugeot 108

Its dimensions are 3.47 meters long and you can find it with 3 and 5-door bodies, making it one of the most interesting models on the list. As for its engine, you can only find a gasoline version of 72 horsepower and manual transmission. This engine offers low consumption, so it will be ideal if you are looking to save on fuel consumption. This makes it have the DGT ECO label .

Although the rear seats are quite small, the trunk offers the user a capacity of 196 liters. It is one of the best cars to move around the city.

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