The 15 Best Remote Work Jobs in Canada (With Salaries)

The 15 Best Remote Work Jobs in Canada (With Salaries)

For months, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced workers around the world to work from home. Many of you seem to be getting more and more accustomed to this way of working . Others have managed to balance their home life and work life with a hybrid work model .

Several studies have shown that employees can be more efficient working from home. In addition to the impact that working from home can have on the environment, on your well-being and on your hours spent in traffic, working from home can offer you flexibility that you do not have in the office. Know more about oglasi za posao.

Be careful, teleworking does not only have advantages. For this to succeed, you need organization, patience and logistics. We will come back to it.

But first, let’s explore the best jobs you can do while working from home.

Here are the best jobs to do while working remotely:

  1. Customer Service Advisor
  2. Web Editor
  3. Community manager
  4. Graphic or web designer
  5. distance teacher
  6. child care
  7. Translator
  8. home consultant
  9. Expert SEO/SEM
  10. Blogguer
  11. Administrative assistant
  12. Computer programmer
  13. language teacher
  14. Video editor
  15. Computer technician

1. Customer Service Advisor

Many well-known companies have chosen to keep their employees at home, even those in customer service. Software exists to be able to either answer or make calls to customers.

So, if you care about addressing people’s concerns and helping them make informed choices, don’t hesitate to get into this business . In addition, some companies offer flexible hours, evenings or weekends. You could free up time during the week for various activities.

2. Web Editor

Whether you are self-employed or work for a company, writing can be a job in which you will have autonomy, time management and tasks. Today, all companies put content at the center of their digital marketing strategy. It often happens that these companies do not have the necessary resources, so they call on external writers to enrich and expand their content.

Of course, not everyone wants to be an editor. You need communication skills, a good knowledge of the language and experience. Feel free to practice and keep up with new trends in web writing. Many things have evolved since the growing interest in web referencing.

3. Community Manager

In the same family of communication and writing professions, there is community management. Better known as community management , the management of a company’s social networks guarantees its image with its customers.

It’s not enough to respond to customer reviews or post content on social media. You need know-how, method and high standby skills. You will need to develop and maintain a posting schedule.

Similar to writing jobs, community management is necessary for all companies, regardless of their size and industry.

4. Graphic designer or web designer

Surely you have heard of user experience. Since the advent of online commerce, all companies have been concerned with this concept in order to ensure the best possible browsing and shopping experience. You could put your graphic design and design skills to work for these companies.

If you have an artistic streak and a sensitivity for the Web, this job is one of the best for telecommuting. In addition, the chances of placement are really good and you can often find good conditions there. If you have a good computer, a good internet connection and good eyes, it would be easier for you.

5. Distance teacher

The pandemic has shown that it is possible to organize course sessions entirely remotely, even for programs usually given in class. Thus, distance education could see an increase. Whether it’s for homework help or for music, math or other lessons, the need is growing.

In addition, platforms now offer registration and placement in the distance education market.

6. Childcare

This is a highly regulated profession since the health and safety of children are at stake. If you have an easy contact, a smile and empathy, you could consider a career in childcare. In addition to the huge service to families, you could better understand child psychology and discover many areas related to childhood. If you prefer to exercise this profession at home, it is quite possible, provided you adapt a space at home to the exercise of this profession.

7. Translator

A bit like the job of editor, that of translator is a job that really lends itself to telecommuting. A good computer, good translation software and a lot of experience are necessary for the proper exercise of this profession. There is also the most important: a degree in translation in a given language.

In this job, you can benefit from significant flexibility, a variety of career opportunities and good working conditions. If you have a curiosity about languages, this is surely the perfect job.

8. Consultant at home

It’s not just the sport for which coaching is suitable. Since the advent of digital, all areas lend themselves to coaching and consulting. From finance to accounting, via IT, communication, design or even architecture.

If you have good interpersonal skills, good communication skills and are able to work with a remote team, this kind of job is for you!

9. Expert SEO/SEM

Certainly, it is a technical job that requires a good knowledge of SEO on the Web, writing rules, experience in analytical marketing and even in programming. As you will have understood, the skills are multiple and diversified. Otherwise, it is a growing profession in companies in the digital field.

Training is offered on Google and even in Cégeps. Search engine optimization still has a bright future . Enjoy!

10. Blogger

There are fairly simple and intuitive software that allow you to create your blog. Today, these sites can earn you money, provided you have a minimum of organization , writing skills and editorial strategy.

Thus, you will taste self-employment and the pleasure of finding yourself a writing niche, promoting your articles and exchanging advice with a growing community.

11. Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are responsible for bringing order and organization to large corporations. They take care of important tasks, such as following up on communications, scheduling, preparing for meetings, managing payroll, creating memos, and other tasks that keep the company running smoothly.

In a context of telework and hybrid work, administrative assistants play a more important role than ever in the organization of work and in this flexibility offered to employees.

12. Computer Programmer

We don’t hide it anymore, in Quebec, jobs in information technology are popular. There are many job opportunities, good working conditions and flexibility. Some companies even offer you the possibility to work in any country in the world, unless you have a good Internet connection.

In this context, you can claim salaries between $70,000 and $80,000 per year. Some companies even dare six-figure salaries to retain employees.

13. Language teacher

One of the advantages of this job: flexibility. Whether you are a specialist in language teaching or just want to make ends meet with an advantageous hourly rate, giving language lessons can pay off.

As a result, you can work from home or elsewhere with a group of students and teach provided you have a good Internet connection and online messaging tools, in order to exchange with groups of students.

14. Video Editor

This is an ideal opportunity for the self-employed. Video editing is a skill that is increasingly in demand in the web domain. If you are new to this, make a portfolio and build a professional network to enrich your service offer and acquire as many contracts as possible.

This is a perfect telecommuting job if you want flexibility and the ability to work from home on schedules that suit you.

15. Computer Technician

The transition to teleworking and hybrid work of the majority of companies entails costs and requests for IT interventions to meet the technical needs of employees.

Given the labor shortage in the IT sector, companies have no choice but to recruit people regardless of where they live. Computer technicians still have great opportunities to seize across the country for the next few years.

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