Secrets to Help Rank Your Website on Google and Other Search Engines

Many claims to have made substantial money from the Internet and are Mavericks. Before you can hope to make any money from the Internet, you must know “Search Engine Optimization,” understand the website or blog formation and increase your page ranking in Google. Page ranking determines how much you can make from the Internet. Also, finding the correct keywords can make and break your online business activity.



SEO is the optimization of your website so that the web crawlers recognize your site for the keyword you are trying to rank. If you are a beginner, you cannot use short-tailed keywords anymore because millions of websites have already taken and ranked for these short keywords. Learn more about how to rank Fiverr gig.


OK, here is how you use SEO. First, use the Google AdWord External Tool, and choose long-tailed keywords to search in your niche. If your niche is making money, do not just search for “making money online,” but search for example, “moms making money online.” This creates a more targeted niche. The more defined and targeted your niche is, the higher the possibility you can make money from the long-tailed keyword. You then need to click on the results one by one and use the “at the beginning and at the end of each keyword you are choosing in Google searches. This will show you how much searches have been done for the keyword you are qualifying.


The Google AdWords External Tool will also help you find keywords that you can use in your meta tags or website descriptions. I “ONLY” use the “Phrase” and not “Broad” search so that I lessen random search words in my keyword search. I also use International searches instead of local searches to broaden the scope of the search. Another tip is to use searches that are 2000 or more in length. This will ensure that you have enough search results to fuel your niche and drive traffic to your website to make money. Easy SEO friendly method for how to rank on Fiverr.


Page Ranking

Going back to page ranking, here is what you need to consider. After you have found a nice niche and keywords, fashion your website around the keyword you have used. This is the million-dollar way to get your site ranked high in Google. Let me explain in-depth here. Using this valuable technique, if done correctly, will make you lots of money, and you will become a Maverick. Hypothetically, in your niche, if you found the keyword “moms can make money online” with more than 2000 searches, and when you search this niche in Google, and the results are less than 13000, you can then develop your website name. I would choose a website that is named mypaid2blog. If this domain name is not possible, then I will place another word on the site. E.G., mypaid2blog, or moms-can-make-money-online-today. You still have your keyword, and the search engines will even recognize your website and rank your site for the keyword you have chosen.


What I have shown you above, if implemented alone, will make you much money online…


Here is another nugget that you may not know. Most people now use blogs to setup their sites due to ease and time constraints. Most of my blogs are set up in Word Press. Make sure your web hosting company, has a Fantastico or WordPress, or some other blog creation software. I use to host my blogs. You can use or a ton of different hosting sites like Remember, when you create your blog, no one will see your website online. I always use a ping service to alert the web servers that I have new content that needs to be published online. You can go to Ping”O” Matic to input your website’s web address and blog site name. Another nugget here is finding content for your blog or website. and is an excellent site you can go to, and you can pay only $5 for services to be done. Have someone that is rated spin or create your content for cheap. Another site also is is a site of international online workers that will complete projects in a short period.


After you have your website or blog set up, what I always do is get backlinks. Backlinks are what Google uses to determine the validity of your site. Google likes quantity backlinks but quality backlinks also. Backlinks allow web crawlers to identify sites with quality information that matches what the website claims to be about. To start, write articles, go to Yahoo answers, and search for questions that people have answered that pertain to your site. In the end, there is a space to leave your website. Do not “SPAM” the answer you give, mention your site as the source of your information, and you have created a backlink when the audience clicks on your answer. Using this strategy, many users will visit your website, and the web crawlers will begin to look to your website as an authority on this particular subject matter.


Do Not Build Backlinks Too Quickly and Sandboxing

Another thing about backlinking is that you should not build backlinks too quickly. Building backlinks too fast will make Google or the other search engines see your website as trying to rank for money too fast, and you may be “sandboxed.” “It’s not unusual for a new website to enter the SERPs (search engine results pages) for a couple of weeks and then drops out of the search engine rankings completely, so if it happens to your new website – don’t panic!”. Your website will still get ranked.


For the newbie, and those that have websites, above are excellent ways to improve your site rank and make money online like a Maverick. Implement these strategies and see a difference with your internet business online.