Power of Stories – How Great Companies Win Customers & Ignite Performance – In Less Than 5 Minutes

In a world where technology is advancing at the speed of light and the amount of information doubles every few years, we as humans solve the information stuff that floods our lives just as quickly. Communication that connects us authentically with ourselves and with each other. The evidence is all around us. Hindi Kahani like stories in hindi is most popular trend on Youtube.

Two unknown authors sold millions of copies of their self-published book in 1993, making them one of the best-selling books of the 20th century. Most of us have (or had) a copy of this book by Jack Cantfield and Mark Victor Hansen Chicken Soup For Since then, more than 30 different editions of Chicken Soup for the Soul have been published.

Why are they so popular?Reason # 1: The Power of Stories. Since the dawn of civilization, stories have been an immutable form of communication that touches our hearts, rekindles our minds, and connects us with others. Stories fill the void that no amount of information will ever reach. can ever satisfy.

Why stories are the new strategic business advantage of the 21st century

1. Stories
create trust.
people don’t want any more information. They are already overloaded with the information they have.They want to trust you, your words, and your intentions. Stories give your customers and employees an insight into you, your values ??and beliefs, and an authentic connection that no amount of data can offer.

2. Stories speak to our hearts, emotions and imaginations.
stories communicate directly with our reptilian brain, the part of the brain that controls sensory experiences and our emotional response to them. In my last article, “NeuroMarketing 7 Secrets to Unlocking Your Customer’s Brain for Instant Sales,” I explained how your customers make all of their reptilian brain buying decisions. Since stories stimulate our emotions, they can also ignite action, creativity, collaboration, and instant rapport.

3.The stories are unforgettable.
According to storytelling guru Doug Stevenson, memory is formed when a person’s attention is drawn over a long period of time. By stimulating our senses, stories keep us occupied for long periods of time and the message lingers; while the data usually leaves our memory in less than 2 seconds.

4. Stories bypass conscious resistance and speak directly to our subconscious.
On a conscious level we all have prejudices that create resistance to certain solutions, perspectives and messages. If you go up to someone and say, “Here is your solution,” it will likely be ineffective. However, when you use a story to express your point of view, you avoid conscious resistance and you will be “heard” on a deeper level.This unique benefit of storytelling alone makes it a powerful tool for marketing, leadership, culture building, and personal growth.

5. Stories are transformative.
Stories not only have the ability to change our thinking, stories also have the ability to inspire us, awaken our potential and shape our lives. Stories can bring about profound and lasting change, be it for a single person or for an entire company.

The Magic of Storytelling: How Large Corporations Captivate Customers, Excite Employees, and Be the Envy of Their Competitors

While there are many ways to use stories as a strategic asset in business, here are three ways to tell stories with great value .

Brand Stories
The purpose of a brand is to get noticed in the minds of its customers and to connect them emotionally with their product / service. In today’s congested market, brands whose customers tell the best stories win.

super brands and their super stories surround us.Apple, Pepsi, Southwest Airlines, and yes, even Harry Potter, to name a few. One of my favorite brand stories comes from my own personal experience.

In 1985, I worked as a temporary salesman at Nordstrom during the holidays to make extra money starting my business. The most memorable part of the experience was the story the hiring manager told on the first day of employee orientation. , he told us about a customer who had brought a refrigerator and the store was happy to give him a full refund with no further questions. And Nordstrom doesn’t even sell refrigerators!

It’s Nordstrom’s first class customer service and going the extra mile that word of mouth creates customers that all retailers will envy.

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