Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrity Baby Names

Famous people dislike regular individuals. They have occupied calendars, drive costly autos, and wear gems that others can just fantasy about owning. Possibly it is on the grounds that famous people are so far expelled from typical life that they regularly give their children surprising names.


A few names are only somewhat extraordinary. John Travolta and Kelly Preston have two delightful kids. Their little girl’s name is Ella Bleu. Their child’s name is Jett. Jett is extraordinary, however any individual who knows anything about John Travolta realizes he has an affection for flying. Gwyneth Paltrow, pregnant once more, went under investigation for naming her first youngster Apple. While it is strange, it is to some degree charming, as in the “their eye.” Chris Martin, her significant other, tired of the discussion over the name Apple, has playfully expressed their subsequent youngster, regardless of whether male or female, will be named Banana. Another charming name is Dandelion, the name of Keith Richards’ little girl. Julie Roberts as of late brought forth twins – a kid and a young lady – and got flack over the names she picked. She got nearly as a lot of sadness over the decision for her little girl’s name, Hazel, as she did the more whimsical decision of Phinnaeus for her child.

Numerous individuals hypothesized what Madonna would name her first youngster. Lourdes Maria appears to be a fitting name for kid who’s mom’s name is Madonna, yet she regularly passes by Lola. Her child is named Rocco, which sounds somewhat like an animation character, however at any rate it is an extreme sounding name. On-screen character Casey Affleck and life partner Summer Phoenix as of late had a child named Indiana August, which drives one to think about what state and month their child was considered in. Toni Braxton has two children, Denim and Diezel. While both helpful items, they make to some degree unusual names for youngsters. Burglarize Marrow concluded it would be adorable on the off chance that he named his little girl Tu Simone Ayer, calling her Tu Morrow. Miracle in the event that she will think it is charming quite a while from now? On-screen character Jason Lee named his child Pilot Inspektor, yet performer Penn Jillette may have topped them all. He named his little girl, Moxie Crimefighter, saying “since when she’s pulled over for speeding she can say, ‘However official, we’re on a similar side, my center name is CrimeFighter.”‘

In the event that you think it is another pattern, reconsider. In 1971, David Bowie and his then spouse Angela chose to name their child Duncan Zowie Heywood Jones. He before long got known as Zowie Bowie. Cher named her kids Chastity Sun and Elijah Blue.

The Phoenix family is notable for their unordinary decision of child names. Summer Phoenix’s kin are the late on-screen character River Phoenix, on-screen characters Rain and Liberty Phoenix and entertainer Joaquin Phoenix. Joaquin felt his name was so strange with his kin, that when he was four, he chose to change his name to Leaf. By the mid 1990’s, he had returned to utilizing his original name. Another family notorious for their decisions of child names is the Zappa family. Straight to the point’s kids are Dweezil, Moon Unit, Ahmed Emuukha Rodan and Diva Muffin. While numerous individuals imagine that Dweezil is his given name, his original name was initially Ian Donald Calvin Euclid Zappa on the grounds that the medical clinic would not enroll the name Dweezil. Continuously called Dweezil, when he was a kid, he needed to make the name authority and his folks took him to have it changed legitimately. Paula Yates, previous spouse of Sir Bob Geldof and sweetheart generally rocker Michael Hutchence, additionally had a talent for giving her youngsters strange names. Among her brood are Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa, Heavenly Hiraani Tigerlily, and Little Pixie.

Some VIP infant names bode well in the event that you know the story behind them. Eurythmic’s Dave Stewart named his child Django after jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Stevie Wonder named his child Mandla Kadjaly Carl Stevland, anyway Mandla signifies “amazing” in Zulu and Kadjaly signifies “conceived from God” in Swahili. Helen Hunt just brought forth a child young lady she named Makena’lei Gordon. The name Makena’lei is from a companion’s fantasy and signifies “numerous blossoms of paradise.” Gordon, an impossible young lady’s name, was to respect of Helen’s dad, TV chief Gordon Hunt. Nicolas Cage just named his new infant kid Kal-el. Since Nicolas took his stage name of Cage from comic book character Luke Cage, he chose to name his child Kal-el after one of his preferred comic book saints. Kal-el is Superman’s kryptonian name.

Things being what they are, do the kids like these eccentric names given them by their folks? Sometimes, they do. The Phoenix’s appear to cherish their inclination propelled names and the Zappa kids appear to have had no evil impacts from their capricious names. In any case, a few youngsters feel burnt out on the curious names rapidly. Zowie Bowie had enough of his moniker when he was 12 and requested to be alluded to as “Joey.” Although Dandelion Richards doesn’t appear to be really awful, she has since begun alluding to herself as Angela. As of late, Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldof has been the most blunt about the odd decision her folks made in naming her. She has been cited as saying, “I abhor strange names. My odd name has frequented me for my entire life.”