AMD Ryzen CPUs loss 15% performance on windows 11 during gaming


Windows 11 was released this week officially beginning to progressively reach all computers compatible with the new Microsoft operating system that has some very interesting functions as well as a renewed graphic section. Microsoft is already aware of the failure and is preparing a solution that will be published throughout this month of October.

However, as often happens with each launch of an operating system, this Windows 11 has some errors and, in fact, AMD has already reported one of them that affects its Ryzen processors of any generation due to an increase in latencies of the L3 cache and that it breaks the system of “favorite cores” that these CPUs use, affecting applications or games that use a core or too few cores to function.

Specifically, AMD reports that ” the latency of the average and functional L3 cache can increase 3 times ” which together with the system of favorite cores can result in an impact of between 3% and 5% in affected applications and between 10 % and 15% ” in typical values ??of games commonly used for esports ” , games that in many cases have enough time and do not make effective use of all the cores such as CS: GO or League of Legends. In addition, AMD itself comments that the impact on performance may be more noticeable in processors with more than 8 cores with consumption above 65W.

Fortunately, Microsoft and AMD have already detected what is the error that causes this performance drop and are working on a solution that will be published throughout this month of October.

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Beyond this failure and other errors that probably come along with the operating system, the truth is that Windows 11 has very interesting tools such as Auto HDR or Direct Storage that will allow us to enjoy the best video games performance with this system . . when these initial failures are fixed .

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