3 homemade energy bars with oatmeal and nuts

Now that we are at the beginning of the school year, they can be a great option for children to have a mid-morning snack with healthy ingredients. When you read how easy it is to make them, you will surely be encouraged to try them. They do not need an oven and they are done in about five minutes, in addition, they […]

17 activities with music that stimulate creativity and self-esteem in children

Music is an excellent therapy for everything , it stimulates the intelligence of babies and children and it has been proven that it helps with learning problems, disorders and deficiencies in children, it increases their self-esteem… That is why we are going to get started and propose 17 activities with music to stimulate creativity and self-esteem in children . In addition, to carry out […]

15 fun games that can not be missing at your next baby shower

The ‘baby shower’ is a party to celebrate the birth of a baby and is usually held at the end of pregnancy. Traditionally only women attended who gave gifts to the expectant mother for the baby while having tea or eating. Today it’s for men and women (because dad is involved too) and includes games inspired by motherhood . In fact, they are the […]

Having a child with a disability: how to deal with this situation

Having a child is a moment of life full of emotions, which are often contradictory, since it is a mixture of joy and fear with many expectations in between. And when the fact that our child has a disability (be it physical, intellectual, sensory, etc.) is presented at this time, the emotions can become very overwhelming . It is perfectly understandable to feel a […]

19 fun ideas, and alternatives to trinkets, to give away at a kids birthday

Celebrating birthdays with friends is very exciting for children, especially the little ones. When organizing a children’s party, many details must be taken into account , so that both the birthday boy and the rest of the guests have a great time. A widespread practice is to distribute gifts to attendees as a sign of affection and gratitude for having attended the party. Although there are parents […]

My newborn baby does not latch on to the breast and it is exasperating

Newborns are born “programmed” to suck; human beings are mammals. Most babies have no difficulty latching onto their mother’s breast and expressing milk. However, some babies have a hard time latching on: they refuse the breast, they can’t latch on , or even if they do latch on, they don’t latch on effectively and can’t get the milk they need. What do we do in […]

The first ultrasound of pregnancy: that emotional moment

No, their eyes are not seeing double: the test has come back positive, they will soon become parents! Now begins a series of preparations and changes in your life, but you must not forget the most important thing and one of the first things you must do as soon as you know that there is a pregnancy: schedule an appointment with […]

Amnioscopy: what is it and what does this test in pregnancy consist of?

Amnioscopy is a test that is performed towards the end of pregnancy, from week 37 or when delivery is delayed. With it, the state of the amniotic fluid is checked and if there is fetal hypermaturity. Using the color of the amniotic fluid, they observe if there is any meconium present , which could be harmful to the baby. According to the Clinical Practice Guideline for Normal […]