19 fun ideas, and alternatives to trinkets, to give away at a kids birthday

19 fun ideas, and alternatives to trinkets, to give away at a kids birthday

Celebrating birthdays with friends is very exciting for children, especially the little ones. When organizing a children’s party, many details must be taken into account , so that both the birthday boy and the rest of the guests have a great time.

A widespread practice is to distribute gifts to attendees as a sign of affection and gratitude for having attended the party. Although there are parents who opt for the classic goody bags, more and more are opting for other types of items.

If this is your case, we share a list of cheap and fun ideas for the guests that will delight the children.

Coloring bags

We have loved this idea of ??bags made of non-woven fabric with illustrations to color . The bags are 22×19 cm in size, come in packs of 10 and also include the multi-coloured pencils.

Children can color the drawing and then use their bag to store, for example, the snack or lunch they take to school. Don’t you think it’s an original and practical gift?

It can be found on Amazon at 8.35 euros each pack of 10 bags.

Coloring cases

And along the same lines as the previous gift, we also offer you these original cases with fun prints to color to your liking. They have a zipper and once decorated they are perfect to take to school.

On Amazon we can find a batch of 20 cases with four multicolored crayons for 15.90 euros.

magic pencils

These fun magic pencils also make great gifts and kids will love how they can be bent and stretched in any direction. They are not intended for drawing (although they can be sharpened) but as a rubber toy for creating shapes.

The pack includes 25 soft flexible pencils, 20 animal-shaped erasers and eight yellow emoji erasers. You find it on Amazon for 16.99 euros.

pencils with eraser

These pencils with a built-in eraser are also a very nice and striking gift for the little ones, who will be fascinated by their colors and the fun shapes of the erasers. Of course, it is important to take into account the age of the children to whom it is going to be given, since the eraser can be dangerous if they put it in their mouths.


These original dice-shaped erasers have also seemed very original to us since they fulfill a double function. But their size is small, so it is recommended to always use them in the presence of an adult.

We can find them on Amazon in a pack of 18 erasers for 11.99 euros.

owl pencil sharpener

These fun pencil sharpeners in the shape of colorful owls will delight children. They include two holes of different sizes for pencils of different thicknesses, and a small removable container in the owl’s belly that allows you to store pencil shavings.

The pack of 24 pencil sharpeners in four different colors is priced at 15.09 euros.

animal stamps

What child does not get excited stamping multicolored stamps on paper ? With these rubber stamps with built-in ink you can do endless crafts , also bearing in mind that the ink is water-based and is not toxic for the little ones.

Each stamp has a different design and colors, and can be purchased on Amazon in a pack of 26 pieces for 13.99 euros.

dinosaur bracelets

Little dinosaur lovers will be fascinated by these colorful bracelets, made of durable, soft and high-quality silicone. There are up to six different designs, all printed in bright, eye-catching colors. Check out more interesting articles on our site.

They have a diameter of 18 cm and are sold in a pack of 30 pieces for 17.99 euros.

Eggs with dinosaur

And we continue with the theme of dinosaurs by sharing this other idea that I am sure children will also like a lot.

It is a plastic egg that includes a small dinosaur inside (there are between six and eight different models) that is also an eraser.

The package includes 24 eggs with their respective dinosaurs for 16.49 euros.

invisible ink pen

Original ballpoint pen with invisible and washable ink for magical writing, both on paper and on skin, walls or fabrics. Children will be able to write secret messages without anyone being able to read them, as they will only be discovered by focusing on what is written with a special light built into the pen itself.

At Amazon you can buy a pack of 28 pens made of safe materials and in seven different colors for 23.99 euros.

emoji keychains

Another fun detail to give away are these small emoji keyrings made of cotton-filled plush. The pack contains 38 keychains with different emotions, and some of them are really funny!

The pack of 38 keychains can be purchased on Amazon for 19.19 euros.

soap bubble dispenser

And if there is something that makes any child smile, it is the soap bubble dispensers . That of blowing through a stick and creating small and fun bubbles is fascinating to them, so with this detail they will have a great time.

These small transparent tubes (and refillable) with the handle in the shape of hearts and stars, can be purchased on Amazon in packages of 40 units for 18.99 euros .


With these individual notebooks, children will be able to draw or write at any time and place, since we can always carry them in our bag and offer them whenever they want.

They are made of ecological paper, have different designs on the cover and come in packs of 12. Its price on Amazon is 16.99 euros.

Hability games

For slightly older children, we can give away these original individual skill games , which are presented in 4×4 cm boxes.

All the games are different, and consist of inserting balls or rings into holes, making a labyrinthine path with the balls, sliding them down mini slides…

We can buy a pack of 24 individual boxes on Amazon for 17.90 euros.

rainbow spirals

Original colored spiral, flexible and extensible for unlimited fun for the little ones. Kids can stretch and twist the spiral into fun shapes, then fold it up again to take anywhere.

On Amazon you can find a package of 24 pieces for 20.99 euros.

wooden spinning tops

And also thinking of slightly older children, we propose these original spinning tops made of wood and decorated with bright, non-toxic colors for children. A classic toy that never goes out of style.

A package of 18 spinning tops costs 10.09 euros on Amazon.

sliding puzzles

And if your little one is a big fan of puzzles and brain teasers, he will surely love sharing some fun time with his friends by giving these small sliding puzzles with animal drawings .

At Amazon we can buy a pack of five puzzles for 10 euros.

Flexible and luminous bars

This type of gift has recently become fashionable at weddings and celebrations, so why not distribute it on a child’s birthday too?

They are flexible bars with connectors inside that, when bent, begin to emit a multicolored light that shines in the dark for eight or ten hours.

They are made of non-toxic material with impossibility of leakage. You find it on Amazon in a package of 100 units for 12 euros.

puppy shaped towels

This detail that we present to you is somewhat more expensive than the previous ones, but it is an original and very fun idea, which we can also use for a long time.

These are individual 20×20 cm towels , made of microfiber, absorbent, soft and in different colours. They come presented in boxes and folded in the shape of a puppy, something that will surprise all children.

We can buy them on Amazon, in a pack of 25 towels for 34.45 euros.

We hope you liked these alternatives to goody bags to give away for children’s birthdays. I’m sure the kids really enjoy it!

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